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KR Cladding in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire

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KR Cladding, a construction company based in Aberdeenshire, who operate throughout the UK, found an innovative use for a construction material that is usually discarded after use.

Identifying a problem

Whilst deconstructing a building, KR Cladding found themselves with large quantities of composite cladding panels. The steel forming the panel sides can be recycled, but the only disposal option for the polyisocyanurate (PIR) board is landfill. The company wanted to turn this waste product into a reusable bi-product and since 2019, it has made significant progress researching and developing how to repurpose the boards.

Making a business case

KR Cladding pursued the most circular economic solution and applied for funding from the Circular Economy Investment Fund. The company has shown that the boards can be reused as rigid insulation in wall, floor and loft cavities, and that off-cuts can be used to retrofit boat refrigeration areas.

Thermal testing has demonstrated that the repurposed PIR board has good thermal properties with a k-value in the region of 0.031, compared to 0.022 for new PIR boards.

As the source material is a relatively untapped resource it should be in plentiful supply, making a strong business case for the product. This project should therefore create a new market for the reuse of recovered insulation panels from steel cladding, providing a sustainable option with a minimal carbon footprint, particularly if used locally.

Estimating the impact

KR Cladding estimate that over a five-year period, an estimated 2,498 tonnes of waste materials will avoid going to landfill and 7,736 tonnes of associated carbon emissions will be prevented.

The project has been met with approval from local industry and architects who have supported the need for more circular economic solutions.

In the future KR Cladding plans to extend into other markets, hoping its products can be used in community gardens, the hot tub industry, and even beehives.

A spokesperson from KR Cladding says that reaching out to industry and relevant support organisations for input and advice was “essential to ensure the success of the project”. They add that the project would not have been feasible without support from the Circular Economy Investment Fund.


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